Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wasted Day

Started the day with a trip on the tram up one of the volcanoes surrounding Quito.  Expensive, but a lot of fun.  The City was laid out beneath us and we could see everything, including the planes landing at the airport several thousands of feet beneath us.  The tram went up to about 12,000 feet.  At first glance, this seemed like on e of those tourist boondoggles that the developing world is quite good at - we seemed to be the only ones there.  However, on our way down, the lines were forming and people were heading up at a steady rate.  Apprantly, the place is mobbed on the weekends.

After the volcano, we headed to to the tourist ghetto (Mariscal) and shopped for a Galapagos tour.  Wasted a lot of time doing this, but eneded up getting a half price deal (not that cheap to begin with, though) on a decent boat.  Our travel agent was great - we go the sweetest cabin on the boat, but we have to pretend it is our honeymoon.

Food here is not as good as Lima - we´ve had enough meat, potatoes, and rice to last a lifetime.

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