Monday, September 7, 2009

¡Viva Nescafe!

OK, when you think of Central and South America, what´s the first agriculatural crop you think of?, not Cocaine.  OK, so when you think of Central and South America, what´s the second agriculatural crop you think of? Coffee, right?  So why does everyone in Lima drink powdered Nescafe?  It´s really odd and seriously throwing Allegra for a loop.  We did find an Italian restaurant on Saturday night that had espresso.  We went Sunday morning, but it was closed, of course.  Ended up getting coffee from a cart, who used some sort of coffee syrup - close, but still not the same.  He did have Chorizo burgers, which were both terrifying and fascinating.  We opted out of those.  Did have a rockin cerviche for lunch.  Better than in Mexico or Costa Rica.

Today was the musuem day.  Not much to report, expect for this private pottery museum, which was awesome.  This place had rooms with floor to ceiling (high ceilings, at that) filled with pre-columbian pottery.  They also had an "erotic" section, which was full of penis pots, vagina pots, sex pots (no pun intended), anal sex pots, oral sex pots, masturbation pots, animal sex pots, etc.  Crazy shit, indeed. 

Went to swanky Miraflores for dinner and got stuck in a parade put on by a supermarket.  Floats full of dancing suasages, biscuits, etc.  Too scared to take pictures - sorry.

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