Monday, September 14, 2009

Pottery Barn

Today is the day to hang out in Cusco, since our flight back to Lima is not unitl tomorrow and we´ve seen pretty much everything (that we want to see, that is). One thing we didn´t do was the Inka Musuem. Decided we might as well. It was, surprise, full of pre-columbian pottery. Pre-columbian pottery in Peru is like calligraphy in China, Renissance art in Italy, espresso stands in Washington State - you defnitly continue to appreciate them despite trpeated viewings, but the wonder starts to ware thin around piece number 5,000.

The novelty of empenadas has not worn off yet, though. I see them as the hamburger of South America - we´ve had some great ones, some with too much bread, some with too little meat, some too greasy, some not greasy enough. Most of the other Peruvian food here in Cusco is wearing thin, though. We went to a place that was kind of a mexican/hamburger place. We don´t usually eat at backpaer, bannana pancake places, but the sheer amount of bread and portatoes we´ve had in the past week has sent us looking for alternate cusines. It was nice to have some beans. the fiber is much needed. Looking forward to the food of Lima....

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