Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh my God - didn´t have to leave early for our flight to Quito.  Strolled through Lima and then had a big lunch.  I had fish and garlic - wanted to make sure the person sitting next to me on the plane stayed as far away as possible (unfortunatley, this included Allegra).  Our filght went to Panama City first (free ticket), which was mobbed - "Hub of the Americas¨" apparently.

Got into Quite late on Sunday night.  Took a taxi to the Hotel in "El Centra," Lima.  No one was on the streets, except for the occasional groups of young men.  When we got to the hotel, the driver told us to wait in the car while he got th security guard.  The gurad came to the car, hand on gun, and usheredus into the hotel.  I must admit, it was really freaky and scary.  Quito feels safe during the day, but certainly not at night.

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