Thursday, September 17, 2009


After a nice, heary brakfast at the hotel, we set out for a hike in the sussounding mountains.  There is a huge volcano overlooking the town, but it has been obscured by clouds.  We had beautiful views of the town as we hiked.  The town architecture is not all that attractive, since it has been oblitterated by volcano eruptons in the past, but the valley is quite pretty and the greenery of the tropics makes it quite pleasant.  Lots of agriculture here - Ecuador is the largest exporter of fresh flowers (roses and carnations, mostly), but the local frams are mostly tomatoes and fruit farms.  The hike was quite lovely - inspiring views, farms, farmers, and pretty well-marked trails.  Spent most of the day hiking, then went down to the motel room to nap.

Dinner was pretty good - I had a nice steak (lots of cows here) and Allegra had trout.  Two American girls blabbed on and on about their Ecuadorian boyfriends - luckily we got out of there before their third round.

By the way - for the worriers out there - Anywhere outside of Quito is pretty safe - we walk here at night - lots of people out enjoying life....

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