Thursday, September 17, 2009


Left Cusco early for a flight back to Lima.  This early thing is getting out of hand.  In Lima, we decided to try the "cheap taxi" route.  We got one, but it was about to fall apart and we had a couple of instances were we almost feared for our lives - but we saved three bucks!

Went out to lunch at an upscale restaurant.  I think I mentioned the cerviche before, but, good god, it is excellent in Lima.  We had one with shrimp and some sort of whitefish.  They used a slightly creamy sauce and hot peppers.  I think Seattle needs a Peruvian style cervicheria - it would be mobbed.  I told the waiter I loved hot food - I don´t think he beleived me and brought out some special hot sauce for me to try.  He was surprised I ate it and we had a good conversation - nothing like the love of spicey to break the cultural`/language barrier.

Strolled down to the waterfront and watched the surfers.  Some pretty cool public art in Lima, as well.  On the way back to the hotel, we stopped into the supermercade, which was the Whole Foods equivalent.  We bought good bread, cheese, ham, and wine and ate in the garden of the hotel.

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