Monday, April 12, 2010

Cane Creek SCR-3L Road Caliper Review

My rear brakes were giving me some problems - the brake pads were rubbing the tire even though I had adjusted them to the end of the caliper, probably due to the fenders I installed.  I really just needed an extra millimeter or two, but could not get it.  The rub eventually ended up wearing away the side-wall on my $40 Specialized Armadillos.  So, I decided to get a new brake with a little more clearance so I didn't have to replace my tires every 500 miles or search for lower-profile brake pads.  I decided to plop down a little extra money for the Cane Creek SCR-3L.  The only other obvious option was the FSA extra-clearance brakes, which I could have gotten a pair for about what I paid for one rear Cane Creek brake.  Since I already had Tektros on my bike, I decided to try something different and I like Cane Creek headsets.

The build quality on these was pretty good - slightly lighter than the Tektros.  The only thing that I do not like is that the "quick release" lever is plastic, as opposed to alloy on the Tektros.  In all fairness - it's not like that part gets a lot of work on a brake, but the use of plastic always gives me pause.  Installation was pretty easy - pretty standard brake.  The slightly longer caliper arms give me plenty of clearance, with room to spare.  Adjustments were no problems, like most dual pivot side-pulls I've adjusted.

As for the braking quality - I must say that I am impressed.  They are much more "rigid" than my old Tektros.  I am not sure if that is due to the age of the Tektros (stressed out spring?) or the Cane Creek just being a better brake.  Regardless, the Tektro brake feels so "spongy" that I am going to replace it with a Cane Creek.